Harry Whittier Frees

I fell in love with his pictures when I purchased a few loose pages from the local Goodwill. I soon added three of his books to my collection, "Four Little Bunnies" 1938, Rand McNally & Co., "The Animal Mother Goose" 1921 and "The Little Folks of Animal Land" 1915 both published by Lothrop, Lee, and Shepard Co. 


In 1906 during a birthday party, someone put a party hat on the pet cat. Harry took a picture and a new photography career of dressed animals was started. In the early 20th century his picturees appeared on postcards and calenders. He used his own cats, Rags and Fluff, and neighbors pets-dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs, and birds. Harry's animal outfits were sewn by his mother. They were designed to hold the animals in standing positions. Over time his props and scenes became more elaborate. His pictures were used in story books for children, many he wrote himself, and some are still published today.