Yesterday Once More at

The Garage Sale Warehouse
4810 SW Western Avenue
Beaverton, OR



Over 64,000 Sq. Ft. and over 150 Booths!

The largest indoor Antique and Collectible Mall

in the Northwest.

Check out my space and


T A K E     H O M E     A     M E M O R Y

Dealer #108--I have a 10' x 10' space, which I have split in half with beautful vintage screen thus creating two spaces. In my spaces you still find my eclectic collection of Antique, Vintage and Collectible items. Also, you will find my handmade Nostalgic Note Cards. The images on my cards come from photographers and illustrators of the late 1800's, early and mid 1900's.


Dealer # 108--Every Week: Newly Placed Items