Images from the late 1800's and early-mid 1900's

I love pretty pictures. I have been collecting postcards, magazine pages, cards, and other ephemera since I was a little girl-some 45 years. With the digital age I have been collecting copyright free digital images.


One day while looking at some pages from,  "The Animal Mother Goose" 1921 by Harry Whittier Frees, I thought these would make cute note cards. So I made a couple dozen and placed them in my antique mall space. They sold quickly.


The next thing I knew I was hunting for better quality supplies and switched to professional photo processing instead of using my printer. I expanded with new images from my collections, not only on Note Cards, but on Apparel and Gift Items. My new business was born-Yesterday Once More, LLP. 


Once, my collection was hidden away in boxes and on disks, now I am enjoying it all over again. I have found illustrations I had forgotten about. Plus, it is so much fun to share all these fun and beautiful illustrations.